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        Luocheng Melao Autonomous County is located in the north of Guangxi, the county is 350km away from Nanning-the capital city of is close to Gunlin and is a junction connecting Liuzhou and yizhou to Gulin.Luocheng is located in Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau and on the southern foot of Jiuwandashan. It has the typical ¡°karst¡± topography with green moutains, chean and clear water, grotesque rocks and unique products. It is a subtropical monsoon climate zone, the weather is pleasant all the year round, it is neither too cold in the winter, nor too hot in the summer. Wu Yangjiang and Jian Jiang are two fairly representative rives. The water is clean to the bottom in four seasons.The small boats are often seen rocking on the water.Along the river, the green bamboos are swaying in the wind, the grand moutains stand by with rugged dogs barking and the children laughing, It is just like a quiet ¡°ideal world.¡± a land of peach Blossoms.Qingmingshan in Ruocheng is a high altitude mountains covered with millions mu primeval forests.Here the millions mu of wild vineyards and    mosia hosiei on water is a breathtaking sight.

        In Jiuwandashan virgin forest protected areas, there are high mountains, dense forests, deep canyon, pouring down waterfall and floating sea of clouds. The streams run through the valleys, the water prattles over the rocks, and the red beans of love seem to tell you a forever love story.

        Yifanjie is a festival that Meolao people express their gratitude, celebrate the harvest and inherit and caryy forward the national culture. The ritual ceremonies are full of charms. Now some new activities are added to it , such as new play performance, new songs singing. sporting competition and trading activities. On May 20,2006,this folk-custom is included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage site by the State Council¡¯s approval.

        Luocheng that is called ¡°One mountain, one city with two rivers¡±, has a unique beauty of the original ecological and an interesting Melao cultural city brand. It is an ideal place to return to the nature.

        Wonderful Ruocheng!